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Published October 18, 2018
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any real ways to make money online

any real ways to make money online

The warning long post article, any real ways to make some money online is not easy, there is no way to make money by the way you think right now.Sit and read how to make a money.

In this day people will do anything to make some extra cash, or make money for living and that’s all we dream, let us do a job from home, and travel to the world. But in reality that is simply hard way.

It’s not time like 2000 years where people with domain + viral + clickbait make tons of money by the simple viral fake news, this day, you will work hard to make any penny from work online.

I will tell you some tips and tricks and that is time, when you start blog or website you will after 6 or 1 year ask self is this real or I need to stop and that is the point where we all lose money. Why stopping something that you like, any job need a time, its impossible to make something this day to get high viral news. Ask your self can I write the blog or web what I like for the long-term time, like 2 or 5 years then you can see if this have results.

Stoping work what you like,will results to lose money but best of that you lose a time,money will rise again but time will never back.

any real ways to make money online

I start this small niche blog to help other how simple is write a short focused article, its now new domain name and I have little visitors but, hope in next 6 to 1 year I will make more visitors. Its still learning all about SEO and keyword research.

We all start something and after some time stop that, why ask your self.

any real ways to make money online

Let’s start how to make real money online, this is not clicking baits or anything else if you have time read or you are some person who doesn’t like to learn to leave it.

First, best method and the proof is a micro job or small job to work, a lot of sites today pay for people who like any kind of job like artist, designer, photographer, writer or comedians.

any real ways to make money online

Sites like Fiverr is one of awesome for people who like micro jobs, some of the people make every day between 40 to 150 dollars per job. This site will promote the work you do, its all about you what you will give a people.

Next is become an instructor, some site like Udemy will give you chance to help other people to learn from you, with monthly or one-time payment. This is for programmer or game designer, photoshop instructor.

Patreon is a site where people can pledge you monthly or one time pay for the video, tutorial or whatever you will do, this kind of site will help you to interact with people, but this kind of site is for people with a lot of visitors of website you have,you must have good,quality articles or tutorial to someone will pay you monthly or one time for what they see on your web. If you artist or designer or whatever sometimes people will donate your money, and patreon is the best way for that you can put.small monthly amount just to have help for your website and work.

any real ways to make money online

This is some of my way  to make money, you can use niche web ideas, Amazon affiliates or adsense all this 3 kind of make money is not easy and if you read some of my late articles you will learn how niche site works, with adsense or amazon you can make really nice money,but again no visitors no money,no good content no visitors.

I start with google adsense on two websites still make little bit of amount, and still that is low income of money,but the first page I stop to add for now content and this is my real niche site where I learn my mistake by the first page, now is different, but I never stop to make new content and free unique.

any real ways to make money online

Some people make money from single website connected with youtube and social media, this kind job req a lot of works, this day there is no easy money, make hard teach way and your results will come in non-time. Learn by mistake, do not waste time on ebooks, guru or SEO people who will sell their masterpiece of work, if you sell something proof that you have more money from work then from that book I will buy. I can write a book about SEO or anything and put viral fake news about how to increase money but is that true in the book no. Anything you can find on simple free google search engine, waste money on some rich guru fashion video is simple stupid marketing way.

any real ways to make money online

Niche nite is simple article web where i connect people who want to learn and earn money,forgot easy clickbait steps or other wanna be guru,waste time on ebooks or course,read,learn and earn money on internet is almost everthing free,why do not take piece of cake and make money from what you like and want to do.


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