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Published January 8, 2019
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app that makes videos look vintage

Yaycam Retro

Yaycam Retro is an android app that will make your video and photo look old vintage look, Yaycam retro with 8mm effect will bring the more awesome look and retro vintage style.

app that makes videos look vintage

This is a simple review of some of the best apps on google play store, this app has a function for 1930,1950, Polaroid and 8mm video and photo shooting. Simple one of the best app for old retro vintage style with high quilty effects that will have some simple free and love price app on the marketplace.

app that makes videos look vintage

Simple above video show how this video looks like at night recording, this is one of the best for my app.

This app will do great and nice photography, and video vintage, I buy the full version that cost me about 2 euro, so this kind of price is love for a great app.

app that makes videos look vintage

I try many others app on google play store but in the end I always back to yaycam retro for this simple reason, easy to use good effects, and stable apps no crush or any kind of bug. This app is simple no ads or popup. I try a lot of apps but all day give is a lot of ads, to much price for what they give and in the end, simple easy to use is this yaycam retro app.

I hope you will like, share and comment my article, this article is not sponsored or paid by any company, all these reviews are simple my and I use it as my own personal reviews on the Android mobile app.

Simple easy article tutorial and review, this review is my personal choice





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