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Published October 15, 2018
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apps for 2 year olds

apps for 2 year olds

Let’s talk about best apps for 2-year-old kids, this is some of my fav game at google play store.

Today lots of games are freemium, but some of this list is simple, clean for young kids, no need to be scared about anything its simple easy educational and funny games on the marketplace.

1.Kids Painting |lite|

Kids love to paints, arts and making any shape, this is simple easy apps with a nice interface built in.

Or select some of picture and color and fill with it. Its simple easy apps for 2-year-olds.

2.Shape colors music show

Learn word in motion with music, this simple funny game will make your kids to learn, play and have a fun with different shape and music.
3. Kids Learn shapes free
Learn real-life shape and colors, recognize shapes in context. This game is simply easy to learn the shape of an object that is in real life, kids will learn, memorize and have a fun.

apps for 2-year-olds

Some of this app is really good, some of this app is paid for full version, but this educational and funny app on the list is one of fav for kids, a lot of other apps have too many ads built on or paid to play. It’s not necessary to pay for fun, but in the next post, we gonna talk about that.

I hope you like my article, short with a good review and easy on the web.

apps for 2-year-olds

Google play store is one of the best places for download apps, do not try to download from any other site some of the sites is malicious and can infect your phone with ads, or something else, this is the only best marketplace to use it.



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