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Published November 5, 2018
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best adsense placement 2018

best adsense placement 2018

At the start, a lot of people make one bad mistake, and that is too many ads or popup ads. A lot of people make mistake and doesn’t make any clicks or money from adsense, why ask your self where you make wrong and mistake. Its simple easy way to use adsense as money making.

First, before adsense placement, you must have good content, nice web looking, nice length of the article and unique. People will leave your website if they see too many ads or anything that will distract from what they come to the site.

best adsense placement 2018

When I start my adsense tutorial, I was doing a mistake, now I know what is the best method to use best of placement, and make good clicks from it.

First use WP QUADS plugins, with this plugin you can make an easy way to put inside your articles ads code.

best adsense placement 2018

This picture shows how I make a small amount of money, really small with a new domain and one old domain, but this domain site gives me, for now, a little bit of money.

best adsense placement 2018

First ads put on the article infeed ads.use long ads with the picture when people read your article in the middle of the article will see ads, someone will click maybe on that.

Second use end of post or article this is good for people who read long posts and use one long sidebar and header for pc users.

1.Infeed adsense ads in the middle of the article

2.End of post or article

3.Sidebar and header adsense ads

best adsense placement 2018

In the next article, I will show with picture full tutorial with mobile adsense ads and the full tutorial, how to use best of adsense ads to convert money from.

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