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Published December 28, 2018
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best adsense placement

best adsense placement

Today I will review a short article about how to use correct ads placement and get best of ads clicks.

First, before we start talking about this kind of money I warn you

  • Do not scam
  • Do not click on own ads (for milions time you will read this)
  • Always look at google analytics for some suspected IP address then try to see is this bots, then find how to block this or will be something like this (If your account was disabled for invalid click activity, please visit our Disabled Account FAQ for more information).
  • Report any invalid click or activity that you think is bots or this can lead to disabled account, trust me there is an alternative to adsense but I was trusted by this and get banned.

best adsense placement 2019

Let’s start what is the best placement for your ads, use

  • Header ads (This ad will be shown on every page, post or articles)
  • Slidebar (Simple as header ads it’s from the left or right side), some wordpress theme use left and right sidebar for adsense ads that is perfect for small niche web.
  • In article feed (Middle of post, article, page ads, this is one of favorite)
  • End of the post (article, page, the post is last ads)
  • Mobile ads (This is must have to use it, without that do not even start adsense account, we all have mobile so for better conversation use it)

best adsense placement 2018&2019

Adsense program is one of the best and safe programs for making money, it’s not easy and you need a viral site, good site, and fresh articles. But be aware any activity against this or any program will results a ban for life, using clicks, popups or anything will be a disabled account in nontime. Avoid scamming or cheating.




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