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Published October 7, 2018
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best android games for kids

best android games for kids

Let’s talk about android games for kids, this article is only for kids who like to play simple games, follow some of this tips.

The first game on my list is

1.PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

This simple game gives you the opportunity to play like a superhero and jump to rooftops and pick up orbs, its simple game for young&kids but can play old its fun and easy to learn.

2.Shapes and Colors-Kids games for toddlers

Simple education game for kids, this game will give to kids and learn to memorize and activity to learn fast its easy and safe game.
Logic, cubes, geometric shapes, color, size everything at one place to teach kids for memorizing, fine motor skills.
Simple the name of this game is, learn counting numbers, its fun and easy for younger.
Fun game to learn kids, baby for memorizing with game sound inside its fun, and unique.
This is the typical game for kids, it’s fun, painting, puzzles and teaching. This game is unique and it’s for design for 2,3,4,5,6 old kids.

best android games for kids

This short list of 6 games for kids is simple to use it, kids love to play this almost simple easy games, this game is free to use it, without hidden cost or anything that will distract kids from this game, its created and design for youngest.

Some of this game is popular and educational, this is my first review of games for kids, next time the list will be longer and review soon will be tutorial and video about some of this game.

I hope you like my simple article review without anything else.

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