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Published October 8, 2018
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best educational apps for 5 year olds

best educational apps for 5 year olds

Today we gonna talk about best educational apps for kids.

1.Kids Numbers and Math Free

Kids will learn to Simple and easy ✔ Count
✔ Compare numbers
✔ Add
✔ Subtract
✔ Match numbers

2. Kids Learn Colors

Simple game where kid learns color, easy, simple and free to use it.

3.Learn English free for beginners

A typical game where you will learn basic English, speak, read and write, this is for kids and adults so must have app.

4. Animal Sounds-Animal for kids, Learn animal

This simple game will learn and teache more than 200 animals sound and name, best for fun. The app is simple and free.

5.Kids Painting Coloring Book

As the name says this is the simple app for kid learn to paint, different shape object and make some artistical.

best educational apps for 5 year olds

This above is simple 5 kids apps to use it on the android phone, yes its small description and review, but this apps is for kids and its created simple and easy without hard or paying. This app will help your kids to discover own ability.

1. Boomerang Make and Race

Test your skill against other cartoon characters, build own race car, put fun stickers and text on it. This is a simple fun game to play, easy and smooth to play it.

This is simple game that is fun,easy and played by kid from 4 to 9 ages,next time list will be more update,if you feel to ask something or want to comment about this article,be sure to like,comment,share my article as i want to help about everything from android to niche web sites.My project is simple,easy step by step to teach and learn all visitors who visit my site.

Be sure to ask anything you want to know it.


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