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Published October 10, 2018
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best play store apps

best play store apps

Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor, Voice changer and Du recorder android app for mobile phone users.


29 tools, filters for photography for jpg, raw, this app is simply awesome for editing photography, with hdr, black and white photography, editing face, drama mode and much more for editing photography, this tools is must have.

2.Voice Changer

This is one of funniest apps in the marketplace, why it is awesome and pretty nice apps, you can record own voice than change it in other voice, like a robot, scary or drunked, tunnel or church effect.

This app is simply awesome and it must have for fun.

3.Gallery Lock

We all have some dirty things, and we want to lock it, hide it, then this software is simple for you, hide from peeping other to see some of your dirty things.

best play store apps

1.Du Recorder

Record own screen from a mobile phone, you have some tutorial to record on the mobile screen or something else, best free on the marketplace is this app, simple easy to use it.

2.Fake Gps

Warning before using this app, avoid using if you play pokemon go will result banned account, this is the funny app not cheat or exploit apps, but if you change your GPS some of the game will think that you are on that place, and cant results ban the account. The simple name of an app is, make a teleported phone on every place in a world with one click.

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