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Published December 5, 2018
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can a website make money

can a website make money

This simple question is yes. But hard questions is how what and fast. Most website today make money from visitors,adsense, other affiliates, selling ads banner, selling articles, selling membership and lot of other things.

First people make some fatal mistake,if you read my blog about START OWN NICHE you will find good ideas to make money, but a lot of people do oposit, first, they copy other text with a little bit of rewritten text, that will crash your SEO search. The second site is poor and loads slowly. Use too many popups, avoid this nobody cares about popups news today.

can a website make money

A lot of people use the long domain name, without original content to show you will lose the audience, spam other community and using misunderstanding content will result in the low visit.

If you want to start making money with a website this is small tips and tricks

1. Make good content use adsense or other affiliates

2. If you are a good artist, sell own art on the website make people caricature and sell it

3.If you writer make web and sell articles for other people who want fast articles and original

4. If you are good at photoshop or other designer software sell own work, find people who need something they do that job, use site like fiverr and make the small job, send people to your domain for reviews.

5. Find small niche focused keyword then start own blogging and tutorial, or reviews and wait 6 months or 1 year to see results, this is the hard way this day but the only good thing is this still work and can make a lot of money.

can a website make money

Start own niche web, write and focus on 1 or 3 things, products and make in depth about that, use low research keywords and low competitions, with the low avg.monthly search.

can a website make money

Niche nite is small article helper, I try to avoid all scams, and make people start own niche ideas that will bring income to home, its hard job.

I hope you will share, like and comment on my articles and help me reach new visitors and audience.

can a website make money

Niche web will help you to learn and earn money from an online job, sites and tips and tricks are unique and not copy from any other sites, you will learn how to make own web and use it as promotion and make money from it. Its hard job but learn to earn.

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