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Published November 8, 2018
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can you make money with adsense

can you make money with adsense

can you make money with adsense

Its simple yes, but fact is

  1. This kind of job for making money is hard
  2. A lot of people start making a mistake
  3. We all think let’s make good money by do nothing and sitting
  4. All we do making same or copy another site

This is just simple facts why you don’t┬ámake money by what you love, its simple easy you miss your content and much more by putting to much mission to do. Some people make good money by running only 1 site.

Without visitors you will no have money, without good unique content on site you will lose all visitors, and best of all its simple to do some steps and make money from adsense for me best proof hard method.

Best adsense placement 2018

Use simple 4 ads on post or page, first is

  1. Header
  2. infeed article ads
  3. end of post
  4. middle of post
  5. The last one can be mobile

Simple 5 ads per page or post will be good, but no some people use more than 5 or put on invalid place, use popup or make use to click on ads results in a ban of adsense. Avoid this method if you want to have nice adsense without a strike or ban your account.

can you make money with adsense

Its simple steps and facts, you can make money with adsense but you must have nice content,niche-focused content or review sites, and make daily new content. Only real money method is simple, learn my own mistake, read and learn from others. Its hard way to make good content and site that will be new fresh on google, but all we can take a little bit of cake.

Use my other article about adsense, niche website and start own sites, it is easy to understand, but hard to start.


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