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Published November 30, 2018
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domain name ideas for personal website

domain name ideas for personal website

This is one of the first rules before you take a domain name you must research some of the facts that will later be good for you or bad.

A lot of new people in this job take the domain name, then they write the content opposite of the domain name or something that is not worth of audience or visitors to stay.

Before you start a domain name ideas, first find this

1. Is name available

2. Use the short name domain if you can’t find it

3. It is best to as this is one of the popular

4. Avoid any misunderstanding domain names, or name that will represent some official brands, this will be bad for your SEO sites and maybe be banned or must stopping of the domain.

5. Short domain, better results, good content more visitors.

domain name ideas for personal website

Simple rules do not rush with domain name first explore, research any competitions in this niche you will work, before that search facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and see is name available,that will be first and best opinion,why if you use the same name as domain in social sites will rank you fast,and yes we forgot youtube its great that you have domain name and all name for social sites, its new age of dominations.

Official names can be always used if the name is not available but do not represent that other brand as official always write if you think that someone has the almost same name as your domain.

domain name ideas for personal website

In conclusion today is really hard to find a good name, but stick with first short name of domain you find, why its simple and best for use, do not represent some other brand or copy other domain names with little bit is rewritten name of domain, like my site, is,someone will use niche it or whatever but will never be as original nichenite.



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