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Published October 3, 2018
DSLR Controller

DSLR Controller

Price is simple 25.7 euro for full version

Support only canon dslr camera.


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dslr camera app

dslr camera app

When we talk about DSLR¬†camera, we always want to make something easy, and this article will help you a little bit, how to use remote DSLR settings with own android phone. This is good for people who don’t use the remote control or its expensive to buy it, but for any own reason to not buy real remote control, read this article before start search alternative.

First before you start download any app,be aware and read all article and comment,share it.

dslr camera app

So lets start with first paid app and free,but price is simple for this app.


Newer cameras than listed below are usually supported.

Full support:
– 1D Mark IV
– 1D X
– 1D X Mark II
– 5D Mark II
– 5D Mark III
– 5D Mark IV
– 5Ds(r)
– 50D
– 500D
– 550D
– 6D
– 60D
– 600D
– 650D
– 7D
– 7D Mark II
– 70D
– 700D
– 750D
– 760D
– 80D
– 1100D
– 1200D
– 1300D
– 100D

Limited support:
– 1D mk III
– 1Ds mk III
– 30D
– 40D
– 400D
– 450D
– 1000D

dslr camera app

This above is only for canon user,but lets talk for other and get focused on free app,not paid and here is simple list.

1.DSLR Remote control is simple for nikon and canon users its free to use it and still the one of best app.

2.DSLR Remote is almost same app like above but with small function work with all dslr and android phone.

This is simple 3 best remote dslr app to use it,next time i will show simple tutorial + video about dslr remote.I hope in this almost short article i help you to find best app for your dslr camera.

Comment and share if you learn or want to see something next time,simple comment and share to help me grow my help tutorial.



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