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Published January 3, 2019
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Find niche web Idea

Find niche web Idea

What is the best niche web ideas to start making money, and best of have a huge amount of visitors? this question is not easy but let’s use some facts.

  • Before you start niche website learn about competitions, find best low competitions and avg.monthly search
  • Use high quilty article and niche content, with a lot of reviews,h1 tags
  • Connect your site with facebook, twitter, and tumbler, Pinterest
  • Avoid plagiarism, avoid click baits and false news
  • Build SEO linking, build strategy and get focused on more than one keywords
  • Write 100 to 200 minimal articles for 2 or 3 minimal categories more then this is not necessary

Find niche web Idea/Can I make money from this niche?

This is simple questions, and the answer is yes but some of this facts are

  • Is my idea super focused
  • Is my content unique and focused
  • Is my site SEO optimized |Keywords|Content with keywords|Articles with minimal 900 to 1500 words|
  • Are my niche low competitions and low avg.monthly search

Find niche web Idea|niche strategy

Build own niche web with own research, use google to find the best strategy for own niche web, it’s not hard and not easy. Its all free to use it, be smart and see how much competitions some of the niches have, if you see that is small and low, take it, beat other competitions by own web niche.

Avoid to copy other, find own source of strategy and article, use unique text content. Use video tutorial for own project or review, this will increase visitors to watch and stay at your site.

Find niche web Idea|adsense niche

Use adsense as money making, or Amazon but before using any affiliate, first write minimal 5 to 10 articles, after that apply for Amazon or adsense.

Share your ideas to other, find community boards and social site with your niche.

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