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Published October 16, 2018
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find your niche

find your niche

What is the best niche and how to find your niche? This article will contain some of tips and tricks on how to find the best niche that makes money.Any site today can make money,just need to learn how to earn.

What is a niche for thousand time

Niche is small website focused on only 1 to 2 article,tutorial or review of products that will bring more information.

Before the start, your own website, learn some tricks, find the best niche what you will write and find low competitions.

Low competitions mean more rank to your website, find good keywords that have low competitions and low avg. monthly search.

find your niche

Before the start, open google adwords account put country to target, and find your keywords.

It is not simple, but if you type some of this word at google you will find my website other not this

best adsense placement 2018

Spectacular Croatia

Spectacular Croatia waterfalls

Fortnite art style

This is just an example of my ranked 1 and 2 sites on google, and I am an amateur, not the guru, not SEO expert simple guy who read articles, learn and earn money.

Most people this day will sell you niche guru, ebooks and tutorial how easy they make money, fake don’t waste time on that.

Why let’s say if you make 1000 dollar each month, why to sell your ebooks, why don’t teach free others, that will I do if I got something like this.

But this day, marketing sell everything, when you see false video marketing with bunch money and guy who pretend to be SEO, niche guru you think let us buy that book and make money from.

I can be recommended only five things

1.Learn from own mistake, learn and search good niche, small competitions

2. Find what you will write, make tutorial or review

3. Any niche you write can make you money its just simple work hard and wait a time

4. Ask your self can I write 50 article for any niche I chose to write

5. Can I daily and weekly write 2 to 5 article minimal 500 to 1000 words?


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