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Published October 16, 2018
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fun apps for android

fun apps for android

Today we talk about funny android apps that must have in some free time, some of this app is simply free, and some paid.

1.Funny Photo Editor

This app will make any pice a crazy look, with a lot of stickers and features you can make fun of friends or own photo.

2.Funny Pictures

Its simple apps with a thousand funny quotes and pictures to share on social media, this is awesome apps if you need fast funny memes.

3.Funny Ringtones

Its just name of this app gives you what its mean, tone of ringtones for your smartphone, a lot of great and funny ringtone at one place.

4.Loudest air horn

Prank your friends with the loudest air horn, many other features are included inside apps.

5.Broken screen prank

The simulated prank where you will show your broken screen.Its just effects that will scare someone.

6. Fart sounds prank app

Fart without smell, fart hard or different, its just your way to make other looks you with a strange look, its just simple fart apps.

fun apps for android

Best 6 fun apps for android with short review,i hope you like this apps and comment,share or like this article.Simple easy step by step guide that help adults and kids to learn some of the best apps on internet.

Niche nite is short article niche where we want to help other without reading non sens content with must subscribe to learn,this site give you clean,simple short review about anything.

If you want to see something new or review about something,comment and share it.

fun apps for android

Android apps on the list can be used as free with ads or paid without ads, some of this apps are good for adults and young kids, doesn’t┬áharm or have inside payment.

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