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google adsense wordpress

google adsense wordpress

Easy step to run own adsense on WordPress, this is simple tutorial and article about this.

The first adsense is one of the best things for bloggers who like to make money, this is not easy money, you must work and work to make good money, some people living from this kind of job. Me still learning and making a little bit of.

google adsense wordpress|Wp Quads for adsense

Before we start to talk, you must install a plugin called Wp Quads, this is one of the best adsense plugins. You can control where and what positions of ads you want to show.Its easy and simple steps.

google adsense wordpress

On this picture above is simple where you want to show your ads, in my case I make it simple at a middle of post and end of the post.

In the middle of the post, I use big one ads with picture, best for more clicks is in feed ads on google adsense account.

google adsense wordpress

Above picture show where you put adsense code its simple easy step for wordpress.

google adsense wordpress

For better users experience use kk Star Rating plugin, this plugin will make users vote on the article, and its good at google search engine, when someone sees that your post is voted will click on it.

Avoid any trick or tips to make users click on your ads, this can result and will ban your account. WordPress is still one of my favsĀ for blogging and making website. It’s easy to set up anything.

Google adsense is still the one of best method to make money.Its your choice to follow simple step by step guide on nichenite and make money from own blog,site.Its not a dream its reality that you can make it.

I hope you like my simple guide article and be sure to comment,share and like it.