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Published December 19, 2018
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how much can i earn from my website

how much can i earn from my website

This question is tricky, there is a lot of time, job to write about this, it’s not just to buy a domain, make content and sit and wait for money from it. This kind of job is hard but still, a lot of people make great money from own websites. There is no trick and nobody will tell you how they made own niche, its secrets but still you can make own passion to increase money.

Before we start talking about this first you must ask your self some of the questions and first is

  1. Can I provide daily content original not copy
  2. Can I write 200 article with SEO content in 1 year

how much can i earn from my website

Why 200 articles in 1 year. Let’s say you start to write about photo manipulation. First, you will write 50 articles with

  1. how to make photo manipulation, what software to use, best tricks, best free stock images
  2. Second 50 articles in-depth tutorial, video, and content about the software you use it, how to use it, what is the best effect and much more
  3. In-depth tutorial and content mean 1000 to 1500 words about what you do, how you make, that means if I visit your site to learn about photo manipulation i want to stay and read not just above tutorial with the little bit of video, picture tutorial. Ask your self will you read some article with a short sentence.

Now we have 100 articles at this moment for 2 products reviews, what to do with 100 other articles, that is easy you can make split 50vs50. I can only recommend reading this article what to do next, but this is a great tutorial for started in this kind of job.

Niche example on this link

how much can i earn from my website

Results of your work can start after 1 month but good results will need to wait, sometimes its 6 to 1 year to all your work will be shown and indexed by Google, all other thing is on you, how long and can you be active to write daily articles in the niche you chose to reviews.

how much can i earn from my website

Use short domain name, before buy domain find is that name free at any social media sites like FB, Twitter and other. That will be great for using the same name as the domain.

Use community boards, forums in the niche you do, be active do not spammy links, find groups on FB about the theme you write that is one of the best thing to make good visitors and audience.


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