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Published January 2, 2019
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how to do a moving picture

how to do a moving picture

This is one of the best questions on how to make a picture moving. What software or apps to use it on a mobile phone to create stunt photo cinema.

Zoetropic/Photo in motion


  • With Zoetropic you offer life to your photographs, applying an incredible film impact, otherwise called the Cinemagraph impact.

  •  Utilize the development instrument at each point you need to give life and direct the impact.

  • With the veil device, you will characterize the area of the picture that won’t have development.

This is my one of awesome Android apps on the marketplace, this is one of the best free to the paid app.

how to do a moving picture

I will show a simple video that I made from my android phone with these apps, and how easy you can make moving picture.

The video above is simple how to make own moving pictures with zoetropic, this app is best of the kind.

Photo in motion

This is my short version of the article I write 2 more before, but this time I want to improve one of best apps on google play store. I use personal only this one, other software is paid or needs to be subscribed monthly payments.

My site is simple niche web who want to help you about learn, earn and android apps and games, this site is unique content and fast article research, please comment, share or ask anything you need to know. I will answer all your questions, I will be happy to help with any problem you have.


This app is best other is too much complicated and for pc is too much overpriced only if you make good money from this i recommend for pc,but motion software for pc is to much expensive.

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