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Published November 23, 2018
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how to find your niche in blogging

how to find your niche in blogging

Long post read before you think to open or start a website or any kind of blogging. This tutorial is my personal review and own mistake for the past years I make,still learning and earning little bit money,but in this kind of job there is no fast growing money,trust me, a lot of people will sell you anything just to make a small amount of money without giving you a knowledge of anything they write in an ebook or online tutorial guru.

how to find your niche in blogging | 4 Tips for Finding Your Profitable Blogging Niche

  1. Find your niche and blogging theme what you will write, before you start writing the article first find a good short domain name, without that do not start anything.

If you see all my post on this site you will find that i use some of more than one niche category that i want to rank at google sites.So decide what you will write and what will article be.

Lot of people use more then 1 niche articles.

When you find topic what you will write or blogging next step is

  1. Find competitions low keywords and monthly keyword research

This is simple hard way,but after you find good topic to write or review or tutorials you will write,next step is to find low keywords and low research keywords.

Its simple low competitions means fast and better ranking in some category you will write.Some of example is

How to make a cake – This is first topic

Best step by step guide to make a cake – This is second topic same keywords and almost same topics with different words and more information then first.

Write daily for next 1 years,yes you see this its funny someone will say that this is no need to write,but lets say you write daily article every day for one year.You will have 365 articles with low competitions topic and category,that means google will rank you fast,you will have fresh content every day.

how to find your niche in blogging | 4 Tips for Finding Your Profitable Blogging Niche

  1. Pick small niche and topic, use social media and make backlinking

Use small niche and topic for your domain,that means no long word domain or do not try to copy other sites,it will ruin all your hard work.Avoid copy paste.

Use social media twitter,facebook,instagram,pinterest is my top 4 social media network.

Find some site with same niche ask them for backlinking this is most import thing if you want to have a good traffic back.But this is hardest way.

Write daily, find more and smaller competitions topic for your niche domain, ask other and communicate with visitors what they want to see.

Next article will be more close up how to make money from simple niche blog or website, you don’t need to be an expert just simple plant to use it.









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