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Published November 20, 2018
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how to get google adsense approval

how to get google adsense approval

Before we start talking about adsense, and how to get adsense approval this article is a simple and easy step by step guide to get own adsense account.

If you using free blog or domain with wordpress or other, you must know something before you try to apply for adsense.

First, your content must be unique, nice length and attractive before any apply this is tips on how to get approved in 2 weeks.

My site was approved after 2 weeks, I write 7 articles with minimal 500 words length, with picture and video inside, this can be out, but use minimal 500 words, google like to see a lot of text.

how to get google adsense approval

A lot of people get rejected by Google and ask they self how I got rejected, first low quilty of text on site, low article length, why the hell you think that Google will approve own ads on site without any content on it, who will read your blog or website without text on it.

After you get approved by Google, use a simple easy method and put minimal 3 ads at beginning of your Carrera of earning online, after sometimes and 20 to 30 articles, you can easily have 4 ads + one mobile ad per articles, post.

how to get google adsense approval

If you read some of my articles before, this will be easy for you, I use two sites with low niche competitions, best of this social sites like FB, Twitter, Pinterest is best for grow up an audience.

Use good sentence, do not copy other sites text or do rewritten text, make own text before you write the article, research competitions as this will help you with adsense clicks and visits.

how to get google adsense approval

My site is starting to make a little bit of money still this is far away from real money from, how to get google adsense approval

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