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how to make a niche site

how to make a niche site

Before reading this article I hope you will read all my tutorial on site, it’s not hard to take 1 to 2 hour and read from the beginning.

Niche sites still can make a good income, but remember some of this rules.

1. There is no easy money

2.Hard work, good content, guilty of content and article

3.Low competitions, low search keywords.

4. Love your work doesn’t give up early, the result will come in time.

Before we start, this is small quotes from my positions

Niche site is small web focused on only 1 or 2 products,review,tutorial where visitor will have all information about what they search.Like other sites with tone of tutorials,this niche will give you full report about search you want to know.

how to make a niche site|how to start a niche

Find good domain name, the short one is best. Find the niche that you will write, you can write almost about everything. When you find a niche, let’s talk about other things.

1. Open google adwords account, go to keyword planner.

Type some of your niche ideas, example on picture

how to make a niche site
how to make a niche site

Above picture shows my example of keyword |my first niche|450 keywords ideas

Now what we see at this point, we see some of the keywords with |avg.monthly.searchs|Competitions.|

What we chose from this small list, you will choose low avg.monthly search and low competitions for that keywords.

Best for niche web is low search between 10|100,100|1000 and 1000|10000 but this last chose after you write a 10|100 and 50 article with 100|1000 avg.monthly searches.

Why when you write and have a low competition for some keywords, that means you have a chance to get in top 1 on the google search for that keywords. It’s not just to write bunch copy paste articles and think that you will make money. Some of the people go the hard way and buy some niche guru tutorials, all this is a bunch of waste of time.

how to make a niche site

This picture above is the next step in keyword planner, you can choose where to site show, its mean how many search avg by month some of the keywords have in this country. Like the first picture above I show.

Using simple method,write good content,search low keyword competitions,avoid copy paste articles,dont waste time buying niche guru or any guru sites.Avoid using blackhat method,update site on daily or every 2 days with fresh content.Wait some time and results will come.Social media with community forum will help to incress chance of backlinks and visitors.