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Published October 21, 2018
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how to make money blogging

how to make money blogging

This is tutorial how to start own blog or web and make some money before we start this articles, I recommend to read all my category Start own niche.

This kind of job can be a full-time job if you have a luck, or side job, for me this is for now side job, still learning SEO optimization and my domain is a new one, not old.

Before we start anything do not leave or leave this kind of article if you want fast money making scheme, that is not true or its wrong web, there is no fast money. Learn before earning money.

A lot of people today do blogging and make money from all kind affiliate marketing, today I will help you how to find own niche.

how to make money blogging

Above picture is my slow down progress with adsense, yes on this picture you will see how I make slow money, why it is not like you see big sites, my site has current 200 people per month,yes you read this month not even a day.

I start my first site before this and make 50 articles, its some of the articles ranked at the first page of Google, still waiting for visitors and I have little bit money from that, my mistake was to fast with writing articles, little bit SEO on web,and now I do not write an article for a while, I still waiting at end of year to start again with picture and story.

how to make money blogging|True and Lies

It’s not lies but today is more and more online guru who want to sell their secret how to become successful at SEO or how to in fast time get easy money, this is for me one of the biggest lies on the internet and why.

Why the hell you want to buy someone book where you will find simple tutorial like from my website, if you read all my short articles with step by step you do not need ebook, online gurus,everything on the internet is free,just follow steps,have time and make good content,be active at any point from social media to own website.

My missions are simple 200 article deliver this year, or end of this years, after that I will see what will happen to edit some mistake and promote my web from social to pay to promote.

how to make money blogging|Adsense vs Amazon Niche

Now after all you read let us start talking about money, this day I will say niche site still can bring and make good money, the only truth is are you good in that what you will do.

If you start amazon niche web, you can be focused on product reviews with Amazon affiliate, use small low competitions, and low keyword search for a product you will review.

First, you will go to google adwords, type some keywords like best amazon games for kids your results will be like this

how to make money blogging

how to make money blogging

The picture above shows how high competitions for Amazon niche is, this is most hard to take and write articles, you must find lower competitions for other keywords, only one keyword is listed, and it is marked. That keyword is a low and low search that we need to have it.

Its simple, now this above is example, you need to figure or find low keyword and write it, its not hard, but lower competitions and search means more money to you, just need time and good SEO linking, if you read all my START OWN NICHE you will find it how easy is to start niche web, all other is on you.

When you use Amazon as niche web, use Amazon affiliate program and you can combine with adsense ads, but I will recommend the only Amazon for that niche, and adsense niche separate from Amazon, that will not confuse you or other people or visitors. How to make money blogging is stepped by steps guide to learn and earn money from home.

how to make money blogging|Adsense niche web

Adsense niche is one way easy and hard,why easy you can find whatever you want to write, simple is find low keyword and competitions and write 50 articles about 1 or minimal 3 product,tutorial or whatever you want it, its not like Amazon where you just reviews product that people want to buy it. Adsense niche is based on everything you want to write.

how to make money blogging|My nichenite example

If you start any kind of niche web,blog do not stop it,if you fall you will stand up,do not  stop at any reason or time,money is time.

Great people will fall and stand after fall,its just you will learn more after every mistake,so my word is make web good name domain and try anything you think that will grow by month or year.All we start from something and from nothing,its just loot of practic and time to learn everything.

how to make money blogging this day its not easy steps,but with good and unique content on web this can be easy income money from home blogging.

My first domain is this that I start work SEO and keywords, it’s my first of a lot of mistakes, now I still learning to make good articles, and unique. I don’t use any paper all this I write right now without anything written or scripted before, its simple inspiration that coming from me. And that is most trusted think that you will see and believe in it. How to make money blogging is not easy today but with good SEO search and keyword research, it can be.

how to make money blogging

I hope you like my article, be sure comment, share and like it, ask its free and I will help any questions you ask, anything you ask.




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