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Published December 20, 2018
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how to make your website profitable

how to make your website profitable

Is not easy this day make own site good and profitable, but some people with a good sense of content they build an audience by month and month. Some people are almost professional in this job.

It’s our mistake that we before starting any type of website want make a easy money and calculate how much you will make money. First, ask your self-build strategy, research other competitions then make a website with nice quilty content. After all this, you can dream about some penny from websites.

What people mistake before they even start a website. First rules are simple

1. Build an audience from social sites.

2. Write own original content article

3.Build SEO article with nice quality  content

4. Avoid spammy links to other sites, community, social sites

5. Use 3 minimal niche ideas for the site with 50 articles per niche

  • Example how to make a good photography 50 articles about that theme
  • 50 article in-depth article with 1000 minimal word counts about what camera to use, what is the best software to edit the photo, tutorial with picture and video.
  •  Other 100 article you can split for other niche or simply use it daily to increase page ranking

how to make your website profitable

Use plugins for wordpress this is one of the best and must have.

  1. Yoast SEO this app is must have I use free, but if you want to start with only one site use premium, with this plugins its simple to understand how to build and write a correct article and get ranked.
  2. Snap|Autoposter is one of the best plugins free to use, for Twitter and another social site to auto post your articles with tags, to increase an audience and visitors.
  3. .WP QUADS with this app you can simply make adsense ads easy to input at articles, above or end of post its just easy awesome plugins.
  4. kk Star Ratings is best plugins for rate my article, if you see on google some article was rated and you will click to see that article, why you see reviews of other people and think yes this site is good to check.

how to make your website profitable

Build an email listing, this is one of the best methods to make the audience. I find some of the plugins that need to buy it, but with this plugins, you can viral news make a lot of emails.

With HYPE plugins

This plugin is amazing, let us say you make facebook and use sponsored ads with gift article example

Win 20 euro steam gift with invite people to registration, put first who make 50 email signup will make 20 euro steam, second place 25 people invite get 10 euro steam gift. People will go viral with your article, share, and signup and you will see who will be first inviting 50 people from the link you will give.

This is my type of example you have your ideas how to go viral, but this is simple test to see how people will react on your sponsored link from Facebook, when you collect 500 or 1000 emails that are job,now you can send you news from own sites,but people will visit if they see quilty of your site not just because you make gift.

how to make your website profitable

This is small reviews of me how to use your site, and how to make money, there is a lot of works, but most people use google adsense or amazon affiliate links. If you are one of writers or designer you can easily sell your work to other people, let us say if you work with photoshop you can make a site where people will apply for some photo and you will make and sell it. Or you writing article for other people who don’t have time to write every day.

  1. how to make your website profitable
  2. Use google adsense or amazon affiliate
  3.  Focus on the product then review it with in-depth articles
  4. Sell own works, be the tutor for other people
  5. Make a tutorial on how to make a
  6. Build own niche web focused on low keywords and competitions then wait to see results
  7. Build 200 high SEO quality articles in 1 year
  8. Ask yourself can I write daily or weekly, what is my strategy
how to make your website profitable

And at end of this article,first you need to know any job like this its not easy,you must ask your self can i make 2 hour doing this job every day.Can i make niche site with focused keywords on product,tutorial or whatever your niche will be.Will i take that oportunity and write everyday new article,will i use social site as building my audience,can i wait one year and see is this job for me or.

This kind of job people takes as a joke, its no joke and its hard to make it, as you see sometimes you lose time making something but it end will be an only shame, do not waste your time on fast money scheme, research alone all possibility, right before you do the job. Build own mistake to awesome sites, we all do the mistake, but after all that you learn more. Avoid any online guru ebook scheme buy better plugins or theme for the website, everything you read at pay book can find on the internet for free.It is just marketing that sells that ebooks, not tutorial will teach you in that book about SEO marketing or ranking websites.

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how to make your website profitable

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