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Published September 24, 2018
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how to start a niche blog

how to start a niche blog

Before starting a blog, you must find what you will write and is competitions for that niche is low. Why to chose a low competition for blogging. It is easy to make huge traffic and make money from own blogging.

Yes, you can make good money from own niche blog, but you must learn first things and that finds low competitions keywords, low search monthly for some of the theme you will write.

how to start a niche blog

My first niche blog was about traveling and photography and after 50 articles I stop it, I have low traffic by my own mistake i forgot to research competitions for some keywords, still, I put some keywords first on google page when you type spectacular Croatia my page is the first page.

Follow this rules before start own niche blog

1. Find low competitions

2. Buy a short domain name

3. Write 50 articles in 1 month

4. Take 1 niche what you will write it

5.Review that niche with 5 deep article 1000 word count

6. Review that niche with 2 short article with video and picture 350 word count

This step above is a simple guide to write own blogging and make money.

how to start a niche blog

Let us say you start niche about pets, first you must find good niche name for the domain. After that find a good keyword and write the long article about pets

Example: What is the best food for pets, what is best pets for the house, how to treat pets at home

This above is the simple niche for pets niche blog, this is the simple example and how to start own niche blog and try to make money.

No traffic no money, so be careful you must write good content, not Copyscape, not stolen or do not try to buy the article.

And after 50 articles you can see how a will site will be, maybe after 2-month result will be and maybe longer, but use the forum, social sites to promote own site, do not spam just try to use the best of.

My current earning from the first blog is 23 euro after 2 months, still, I do a lot of mistakes but that is for another story.



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