how to start google adsense

how to start google adsense

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how to start google adsense

how to start google adsense

Its little bit tricky questions about this how to start ads show and make money from it. First, this is some of the facts before you start earning

  1. Use and pic good domain name
  2. Start niche site
  3. Write good and daily quilty article, video, and tutorial of your content
  4. More content, better rank, more visitor and more money

How to Create an AdSense Account (For Newbie )

Yes lets back to theme of this article,when to start your own adsense account and make money,for me after you write 10 articles, start and apply for your adsense account, before that there is no way that Google will approve your content site, without any articles or short copyright content you will be suspended.

Learn before any mistake you will make, use social media to connect with other people, use other competitions ideas simply do not copy them but try to see how they rank some of the there pages on the 1st google page.

Pick nice small domain name, use only niche site with small competitions and low search monthly, this way you will beat some competitions for your content, new and fresh.

Google adsense placement tips and trick 2018

After your account is approved, use simply this method for ads placements

  • Use 4 + 1 ads per post or page
  • Header
  • Indeed article ads middle of the post
  • End of post
  • Sidebar left or right ads
  • Mobile ads to mobile users

I use this simple method for other sites, current working to see how this site will run in future, still after all you do, write daily articles, do not stop and think that job will be seen by one day. If you search on google how long to wait to see the results of your work, everybody says 6 months to 1 year.



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