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Published October 25, 2018
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lapse it time-lapse for mobile is one of the best apps for the mobile phone.


lapse it time-lapse for mobile

This is one of the best and awesome apps on the marketplace, with this mobile time-lapse app you can make own video lapse.

In this era of the mobile phone, will be almost like a professional camera, some of the mobiles have a camera built in that is awesome and make a good job.

Lapse it is one of my favorite apps on google marketplace that is free and paid apps.

lapse it time-lapse for mobile

I just love this app is not as GoPro or other professional apps, but this free app will give you a nice 480p resolution. It is still great for the mobile lapse and for free you will be happy. As many people use 4k recording ask yourself before that, who can watch 4k, if you but a lot of people doesn’t have 4k mobile, tv or pc monitor to watch that resolutions, so sometimes small resolution will be better for you?

lapse it time-lapse for mobile

Download this app only for official Google marketplace or website that represent those apps. All other sites can affect your mobile with the virus or unwanted junks, some of the site like to copy apps with like cracked app download here, try to avoid this its fake, better pay and help constructor and designer of apps to make better. Any money can help them, why download fake full versions of an app from fake sites.

lapse it time-lapse for mobile

[to_like id=418]You will find alternative apps in the marketplace but in the end, this is one awesome and great apps that I highly recommend, its simply easy interface and great for any conditions.Be sure like, comment and share my article, ask anything I will help you in non-time.[/to_like]

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