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Published January 9, 2019
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micro niche apps

micro niche apps

What is best micro-app, that can make you money from own niche apps for android mobile users? What is best niche apps to build and developer? Find out how to beat competitions by developer micro niche apps.

Before I start talking about this kind of niche, first this article is for people who developer own apps for mobile phone, in this article I will review what is the best method to make own app niche and make money not just from downloading and usage, make from niche search by google sites.

Before start developer some app finds how much competitions is, what kind of apps or game you will develop, a lot of apps is a simple junkyard, don’t be like that. A lot of people start to developer some of apps or games and finish like a junkyard, why its simple you cant copy some other app or games, you must find own unique style to create new niche app ideas.

Niche apps

Before every work there are scripts, so find what is low competitions for some kind of apps or games, and create it,use web site as niche web to own app,this kind will make your app more visible,lot of developers make apps without own personal website for more info, bugs, contacts and much more.

Niche apps

Sometimes people start before they read, learn this is the first mistake before you start own work on any kind of job, as you know every day you see new apps and games, but how much of that go viral, really in the true story, 1 percent of this apps go viral and niche.

Avoid facts that your apps can result in zero of users and zero of money, and this is because you don’t follow some of this facts

  1. Find competitions for that apps
  2. Build a niche web for niche apps
  3. Avoid copy paste apps and games
  4. Use social media as a promotion of your own work
  5. learn before earn money

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