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monetize blog

monetize blog

How to monetize own blog or website step by step. Follow this article and read how is simple to monetize own blog and make money from adsense or alternatives. Its job that needs step by step does not try to waste time on ebooks guru, an online guru with monthly price or subscribe to learn how to make own money. You don’t pay to make money, you learn to make money.

monetize blog/Learn to make money not to pay and make money

Little articles will give you the real and true story how to make money, why I don’t know, but secrets to making money all internet guru want to pay them and they will teach you. You really ask your self-do I need to pay someone to make money.

The Internet is free to all people, so why to pay something that you can search deep on google, that is the point of my view. Waste to some internet guru or teach the course is a simple waste of money in this year.

monetize blog

How to monetize own blog with adsense or other alternative method steps by step read all my articles in this niche and make own niche web or blog.

Google adsense is one of the awesome and most popular sites to monetize own blog or website,adsense is the simple proof method that will make you money with good and stable traffic.

Adsense can be hard, you need good traffic and you only make money from a click on ads, do not try to scam google, it will be ban for life, that is not what we want to do.

monetize blog/Teach or write the tutorial

This method is simple, be a teacher or write tutorial then sell it, but wait did I write how in this year this site is not to worth use it, and now you read this. Its true but I write for some ebook about how to make money from the internet or online that doesn’t work anymore.

Let’s say you know photoshop, you can write the tutorial, make the video and put free download link or paid to download. Not sub on monthly no one wants to pay monthly some tutorial if they can that find on google for free, but if you write a deep simple tutorial with the one-time price that will work great for you.

monetize blog

Communication is key to success in this kind of job, you must find what people want to know, help them with simple community forum or comment section where you can answer to your customer or people who visit your blog for tips and trick. Do not spam other forums, social media with own link, ask them to review your site, find other people with the same strategy ask for work together

If you read any kind of my article, start own niche you will find it how easy by step and step make own niche web and monetize blog with paysites.