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Published October 6, 2018
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most popular android apps

most popular android apps

Hello, let’s talk today about best apps for the Android mobile phone, when we talk about this article, simply read all previous article about some of the best of Android apps on the marketplace.

Photography android apps

1.Pencil photo sketch

This app is simply awesome, you have a feature to make the photo look like art, its free to use it and you have take shot or from the gallery.

2.Sketch photo

Its good app almost like first one, only this have ads built inside so still need to wait or pay to remove, but its good and nice one.

3.YayCam Retro

This app is simply amazing,its use to make an old vintage photo,its free to paid features and I highly recommend this app to use it, why with only 2euro you will have a full version with all plugins inside. Still, this app makes me awesome in any way of, why I just find it now.

This is perfect must have app for all android user, and phone.


If you read some of my articles in this category you will know what is best of and top app for Android users, this app will give you a little bit more than any other app on the marketplace, its make picture in motion, motion picture or live picture if you want to know. It is simply amazing how the creator of this app simple make the best app for picture effect.

most popular android apps

This is a simple example of best android photography apps on the marketplace, without any other choice this is best of if you think that I miss something, comment or share it, like or ask what you want to see next on article.

I hope I help with a simple article about android apps and the most popular Android app on marketplace that you will find it.


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