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Published October 19, 2018
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must have wordpress plugins

must have wordpress plugins

Before you start own wordpress website, read this simple article guide and what it must have wordpress plugins.

Do not install too much wordpress plugins or duplicate some of them, it’s not necessary to use the bunch of them, from the start this is best of plugins.

A lot of amateur at the start make bunch wasted plugins without any jobs.

must have wordpress plugins

First, after WordPress install, this is some of my top plugins must have

1.Yoast Seo

This plugin for me is the must-have, with this plugin you make your site seo search optimized, and these plugins help you to write a good article with SEO search. Its free to use and its best on the marketplace, but you must still learn SEO and other things there is no magic stick, this plugin helps you a lot at this points.


This plugin is for adsense, if you have google adsense use this app to add your banner or anything to make money, this plugins is simple best on the marketplace.

3.kK Star Ratings

I use these plugins and help when user search on google, sometimes you will see a post with high star ratings and click on that, it can really help to get more visitors.

4.Akismet Anti Spam

I think just name say what is this about, stop spam bots to destroy your works, by bombing links to each post on a website.

5.WP Review

Is almost like Star Ratings but with this, you can review apps, tutorials or whatever you want,and own rating to products, video or ebooks.

6.Social Share buttons

Any plugins free or paid with social share buttons is must have at any point of your WordPress, do not avoid this it can reach more potential visitors or share.

must have wordpress plugins

This 6 plugins I use for now, why my domain is really new one, and I don’t need to use a lot of plugins, I hope after my 200 article I start to create plugins and interact with users, for now, this small amount helps me for all my jobs.

I personal use only this plugins with 1 extra that I buy and its translate my web, plugins is AUTO TRANSLATE and it cost me 26 dollars, with this I can translate at many another language,but i put only what I think that some users come, and non English speakers, this can help me to reach more out visitors without eng knowledge.




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