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niche market examples

niche market examples

Today I will write how simple niche market work, this is article only for people who want to make money from own website, and this is an example.

niche market examples

Simple definition what is niche is simple

-Niche is a small website focused on one thing get more people and traffic.

-Niche web use only focused strategy and review or write about one or more products that have small monthly research and competitions for a keyword.

-What that means for you, when you type some word on google, you will have a lot of websites to see what you type. But niche site uses the different strategy and bring more info about a product you type or whatever you search on it.

niche market examples

Amazon niche web is simple to make to review any product on Amazon where is one product or more focused with that niche and use own affiliate link make you more money from Amazon or adsense.

Example of amazon niche is on this article click to see

The strategy is simple to make best of niche, target and get focus on one or more things with good review + tutorial, write 50 articles with minimal 300 to 500, or 20 article with a full tutorial, review, and video with minimal word 2000. This method is hard at the start but you will see results in 3 to 6 month.

niche market examples

Adsense niche site is simple like Amazon or any other paysites and in this tutorial, you focus simple more traffic more money. But when you read this its simple, in reality, this step is hard to make. it.

-Open website with nice length domain name

2. Open google adwords, put what country you want to target

3. Search monthly keyword search with low competitions best is 10-100,100-1000 and 1000 to 10000

If you use 10-100 that is low monthly search then you must write minimal 100 articles with that kind focused competitions, why 100×100 is 10 000 monthly research keywords that you use it.

Do not do this mistake 10 articles with 1000×10000 research and think yeah I have money, this is not true its false, minimal 50 article with high focused keywords to use it.

4. Write always 10 posts with minimal 1000 words about products with the tutorial, video, and picture

5. Write 10 pages with minimal of 500 words about products you do.

6. Final write 5 posts and page with 2000 words deep research about almost everything that you will find about a product or whatever you write.

My final words are, this job is not easy to make the best you think is,do not stop results cant be seen immediately. Its hard works, but do step by step like you see on my page and results will come for 3 to 6 month. Its just luck and a lot of works, never give up after you think that all you do is nonsense.