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Published November 21, 2018
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niche mobile apps | Super Phantom Cat

niche mobile apps | Super Phantom Cat

Surprise! thanks our fans and Google Play for gratifying U.S.A. with the most effective OF 2016 GAMES!

4.5/5 – “It may be pretty good hybrids of the new and previous.” – TouchArcades
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Super Phantom Cat may be a retro-inspired second platformer that pays court to 8- and 16-bit classics games. In Super Phantom Cat, players defy the role of Chemist White associated commence an action-packed journey through the Phantom World.

niche mobile apps | Super Phantom Cat

When Chemist White was a tiny low kid, he was saved by Super Phantom Cat — UN agency then became his personal hero. Years later, Flash Cat takes Chemist White on a journey to the Phantom World; there, Chemist White discovers he will collect knowledge shards and alter into variety of characters — together with the almighty Super Phantom Cat 🙂

The world of Super Phantom Cat is full of challenges which will build any platforming fan jump for joy.
You’ll want fast reflexes as you accomplish unbelievable feats like bouncing on a monster’s head to land on a difficult-to-reach platform or speedily jumping between little platforms to urge across an enormous opening. You’ll get to be inch-perfect if you wish to create it to the top.

niche mobile apps | Super Phantom Cat

• A trendy twist on retro platformers with an unusual plot

• Clean, colorful art and eccentric character style

• Awesome chiptune sound recording

• Hardcore platforming gameplay that’s absolutely tuned for touchscreens

• Fully customizable controls

• Bonus levels for even additional challenge and depth

• Endearing unlockable characters starting from a cute chicken to a minatory lamia (everything in between)

• Only 2 IAPs, that ar accustomed get energy drinks and unlock special characters

niche mobile apps | Super Phantom Cat

This is a simple easy review of one of the best niche game on marketplace, its super fun and easy to play.



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