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Published June 13, 2019
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ninja platformer game

ninja platformer game

The first game ninja platformer game that I start to the developer and creating game maker studio, ninja this is the first project that I will finish the end of the year.

Ninja platformer game is a simple jumper game with a lot of features, your simple mission is pickup six keys and goes to the next level.

Each level in ninjas platformer game is harder than previous.

I will create a tutorial on how to start own game in game maker studio.

ninja platformer games

Before you start to create own platformer game, you must know some of these simple rules.

1. Avoid starting a big project

2. Do not copy other project or use something that we all see, make the unique player in the game

3. Learn before you earn money from it.

My ninja platformer games are simple like a Mario game, with more features and harder, but as this is my first project I will make it easy for the first time.

Game is a mixed platformer, puzzle game platformer.

ninjas platformers game

This game is in developer and I start to create last 3 month, each level I test 2 or 5 times before I go to next level, this is first rules when you start own game to create.

Make a small demo before you publish a full game, some of visitors or users like to see demo then buy the full game.

As small developer does not put any ads, or inside payment in game, that will just make worst for your game.

Make a game for fun, and all others will come

ninjas platformer gamer

The game maker is one of the greatest software for creating and develop games, its easy to understand and easy to learn.

The game maker is best for creating small games like platformer games or any other type of 2d games.

platformer game

This is my simple demo game above, the full game is currently in the developer.

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