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Published December 19, 2018
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prisma app review

prisma app review

Prism app review is one of the best review sites and blog you will find, I write a lot of review about other apps for android but this app is a simple one of the great and awesome to use it.

Its freemium and best for the traveler, blogger or photographer, no need expensive software for pc simple app in 5 minutes you will see your picture fill with nice filter and effects.

prisma app review

Awesome app that can be one of the famous and best for any time, any condition.

Mix this app with professional DSLR or camera like GoPro or another alternative, can make your photography look like professional

prisma app review|Prisma app android

This is something that you will need to know about prisma app

  1. It is freemium that means that you use free without hd convert picture, but this still is ok for Instagram or other social sites. Or personal blog.
  2. You can take pictures with a mobile, or if you own a DSLR or GoPro or other alternative cameras.
  3. This app uses many effects or filters that other app can’t beat it, its good, easy and professional looks.

prisma app review|prisma app picture

With this app, you can make a really good picture and edit it in 1 minute with many filters built inside, if you read my other article about prisma app you will find some of the pictures taken by this app.

Some of this app can’t beat this app, there is a few alternative apps for android that can be competitive to this one of n1 apps on the android store.

prisma app review|My honest reviews

This site is not paid by any developer or company to make false reviews,this site use personal true and honest review about many great apps and games.


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