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Published January 1, 2019
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seo mistakes to avoid

seo mistakes to avoid

Let’s talk about mistakes that all we make when we start a website. First, as an amateur, I will show you and write what is the worst mistake.

First, this is my way what is the biggest mistake that we all make, avoid them.

Optimizing content|seo mistakes to avoid

Before you write articles, a lot of people use only one focused keyword, this is a mistake, why,you need to focus more keyword to rank your page and article to google search engine.

Some of the mistakes are, write a short article or long without using keywords that will rank your site and article, this is one of the most mistakes at any starting webpage.

Avoid mobile users

This day the mobile phone has every people, kids, and adults in the world, why the avoid to create mobile users interface for own website. Not all people use pc as primary, a lot of people use mobile for information, news and much more. This is must have do not avoid and make SEO mistakes to avoid.

Not optimizing for site speed

Some of the sites are not optimizing for speed, so sad in this day people like to open site and wait 2 or 4 seconds, but amateur starting is the lot of content, pictures, videos, banners, and your site is not optimized for any kind of visitors special with mobile users. Use site speed optimization to avoid lost users.

Bad content reputation|seo mistakes to avoid

Avoid spammy content, copy content or click baits this will crash your site reputation. Use unique and quality text and articles to make SEO ranking bad. Any other will results to down of ranking sites.SEO mistakes to avoid

unique content|seo mistakes to avoid

This is one of the first rules, use own unique content articles, avoid plagiarism and avoid any false news content.

seo mistakes to avoid

In the end, this is a short version of the article what is best facts to avoid bad SEO mistakes. Use unique article, build a strategy to avoid any low SEO ranking, avoid spam and anything that will heart your SEO ranking for the web.



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