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Published November 4, 2018
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StoryZ Photo Motion

StoryZ Photo Motions

StoryZ is photos motions apps that will bring your photography in motion,with simple tutorial you can have own static photo in motion with 5 minut of job.This is best apps for motion picture and more settings than other on market place.This app will give you full control of any photo you want to edit.

StoryZ Photo Motions

Above video shows simply how to create own motion photo, in fact, this app is

  • Easy to understand
  • Awesome and nice interface
  • Low monthly or yearly cost price
  • A lot of gif animation to use it
  • The tutorial is easy to understand

Storyz photos motions cinemagraph

This is a new app on google play store, today I use it and this is far the easy apps for Android users, without debt with just five minutes you can make own motion photos. Without any knowledge about photo animation, this app gives you an easy step guide to make it.

Alternative apps for now only I use it it’s zoetropic, but this app gives you something new and more functional than other apps, all this what can I say its I hope the developer will make this app great and the top choice of android users.

  1. I hope the developer will continue to work on this app
  2. Make it faster, but for now, this app is good, stable and for me tested on z5 premium is without crashing work great.
  3. Make more effects
  4. Place better zoom for the picture, make something easy to resize the picture


My only 1 problem I find on this app, resizes and zoom, when you use a picture with more details or people, it is hard to resize it at the edge of the object without making some small mistake, but hope this will be improved in next version.





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