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Published November 13, 2018
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Text on Photo – Fonteee

Text on Photo – Fonteee

Simple make text over the photo with a lot of awesome fonts, this app will give you nice quotes over any photo you chose. Like another app on google play store, this app is free and nice to have it. For me its one of the great app to use for own quotes or whatever you like to do.


– build your own quotes, 10+ models and 10000+ totally different types of every template.
– Add trendy quotes to elegant photos. build stunning graphics for the social network.
– Caption your words and recollections.
– produce flyer and share.
– produce photos amorously quotes and life quotes for inspiration.
– Social Media & post maker
– build social Media Banners
– build ikon Collages
and much a lot of being adscititious each week!!!


Convey your message by adding text or captions to your styleschoose between over a 200+ fonts to fit your vogue, tone, and voice. modify the font size, color, line height, line spacing, alignment, place, and rotation of your words to induce your style picture-perfect.


Take your photographs to the following level with Fonte’s spectacularly easy photo editor. you’ll edit your photographexploitation planned filters or get advanced with photo piece of writing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, x-process, and vignette. With over six quadrillion choicesyou may ne’er be stuck for an alternative.
Text on Photo – Fonteee

I personally use this and other alternative apps for text on photo, this app is simply great to have it for people who like to make own text or quotes.

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