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Published September 22, 2018
Lapse It
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Simple the best, for now, timelapse app for an android mobile phone, with this you can take simple timelapse live photo at the moments.No alternative for this

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time lapse app

time-lapse app

Today lets talk about timelapse, and how to create the best video laps with a mobile phone, and can mobile beat modern camera. Timelapse is a simple mode where you can make a photo to video or just record video with slow-motion of some object or sky. Today most cameras have a built-in time-lapse mode, but what to use if you don’t have a time-lapse mode.

I find one of the best apps on the marketplace for android mobile phone, and this app is simple good and perfect to use it, yes this app is not like professional DSLR, a camera like GoPro or any other alternative but this app will do just like other.time lapse app

Time-Lapse app/Q&A

How to make the best time-lapse shot and video.

Find some nice place to shot your video lapse, make sure that this place is quiet and doesn’t have to much traffic if you shooting nature, sky or simple without traffic.

What is different between the Android app and GoPro or another camera with the time-lapse mode

What you pay, that you get and have, yes nothing can beat GoPro or DSLR with timelapse, but with learning and easy to use, this app is best on the marketplace to find.

Best software to edit photo and video to convert in timelapse or high resolution

This question is simple and easy to say, power director is best for editing any kind of video, or you want simple to make timelapse with the photo. This software will convert to 4k resolution any kind of video you shot with high resolution. With the power director simple make your video more professional, nobody will think that this is taken with the mobile phone.

Time-Lapse proof of an article

In this video, above I use Nikon d3200 + power director for convert to time-lapse. What you need, good place best intervale for this kind photo and wait for best shots next 30 to 60 minutes.

time lapse app




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