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Published January 4, 2019
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website ideas 2018

website ideas 2018

Let’s talk about what is the best ideas end of this year, and some facts before you start a website.

  • Create own strategy what will be content on your site
  • Write a daily article with low competitions and nice long article minimal 900 texts per article
  • Ask your self can I write 200 articles with nice unique content
  • Avoid spammy links, false news or click baits this day this will be bad for SEO ranking.

website ideas 2018|Write a daily article

This is one of the rules and facts,but its not a true that if you miss 1 or 2 days without new content that site will be at bad positions,why its not new that a lot of text you will find on internet will tell you if you write daily that is good, its true, but sometimes you need more time to focus on ideas for website, and use one or two days without new content. Its ok this is simple good and you can always put a scheduled article

website ideas 2018|50 articles vs 200 articles facts

What is really true behind this my fact that write 200 article more then you will find on the internet, where they say write 50 articles.

First, let us talk about this point

  1. If you have 3 or 4 categories in your niche ideas, write 50 articles per category, that means 200 article in 4 categories at the end.
  2. Each category with 50 article must have 10 full in-depth article with 1500 words, tutorial, and video for better ranking.

But if you take 50 articles only, find 1 or 2 categories focused niche ideas that will be great for your website ideas and ranking

website ideas 2018|False or click baits

Avoid this kind of websites, if you really like to have a website and make some money from it, use best what you like, any kind of misunderstanding articles will lead to no visitors.

Website idea will start at the point when you say, let us try my idea it will cost me only time, but time can be money if you start at a good point.

Read some of my articles before this, how I start niche web and my mistake that I try to fix.






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