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Published September 25, 2018
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website ideas to make money

website ideas to make money

What are the best ideas to make money from the website? Today that is not an easy job, its hard work that will get paid for a long time, but you must know and follow some of this rules. Before starting to do blogging or making money from the website this is some tips for you.

First rules

Find what you want to write, or what you like to do, after all, that find the simple name of your domain.

After that, you must find competitions and research about your competitions.

Find your niche what you will write and give to the audience and readers.

Ask your self can I write 50 article in 1 month with minimal 400 to 500 words.

website ideas to make money

After you find a short domain name.

Chose the best low competitions keywords for your niche to beat other competitions.

Go to google adwords and find low search monthly keywords between 10 to 100 and 100 to 1000 per month.

website ideas to make money

How much you can make money, with Adsense is the lottery so it must be the good article, original and the best thing about that visitors if you have high traffic more money.

Traffic is the key to success in this kind of job.

Niche is one of the best things today to make money, no clicking or some referrals site where you lose all your time and waste for what 1 dollar per month.

How niche site work 

First, you find what you will write, let us say you want to review amazon article or eBay it doesn’t matter.

Let us say you review toys for kids, basic rules are

5 deep article about best kids toys to 6 years old 600 minimal words.

3 short article with pic and video about that article

Before that go to Adwords tools and research some of that keywords

Example of the keyword to put on AdWords

Best toys for kids

best selling toys for kids

This above if you like to review a kid toy, this niche is very popular but hard to get on first positions.

Do not try to use keywords with high competitions try to find low, and small monthly search and that is 100 ti 1000 and 1000 to 10 000, and highly recommended for me to find 10 ti 100 searches monthly and make categories with the only article with that search by month.


There are no rules, when you will make it money, you must know this no easy and fast money,

Write good articles, every day refresh your site with new article and method, be active on social media and wait, in some rules 6 to 1 year you must wait to see the result.


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