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Published September 24, 2018
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what does niche mean

what does niche mean

Niche web is focused and targeting only one keyword or product to review. When you type on google some of the keywords you will find on first page competitions web to that keywords about what you want to find. Let us say you open web about pets products,that means a that you must find competitions about that keyword and what is the best keyword for that niche.

When you start writing about pets product you must focus on reviews about pets products, write 5 deep in the review about products,3 video tutorial article about the niche you chose to write and review it.

what does niche mean

Write 50 articles in one month about the niche in your product or whatever you chose it.

Next domain name must be short and good to know it.

Before the start, you must focus on single keyword and products or anything or whatever you like it.

what does niche mean

After 50 articles, use Adsense in my opinion best to make money without scamming. That is best for micro niche or niche website.

I started this niche web after my first niche blog earning is slow but I finale get 23 euros in almost 20 days. This is for amateur blogger good start but not good at the start of blogging.

I do a lot of mistakes, now I know what I need to do, and what is best to start making money from niche web.

what does niche mean

What to do before starting any blogging, first find a best short domain name, find good keyword and competitions for that niche. Write 50 article with low competitions and after that just wait and share to FB, Twitter and other.

This is first short article about niche,there is lot of to show and write about this simple easy step by step guide.





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