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what to do online

what to do online

The question with thousand answers, what to do online if you have any chance to explore an awesome side of the internet then read this article think next time you think that is waste of time.

A lot of people want to make some money online, and I think that this is first you search on google after all you can’t like me or self. We all think how easy to make some extra cash or even better live online and no work for real. Is this can be true yes, how to make freelance money maker here some tips and trick.

what to do online / tips and tricks 

Before you start something to do, and make some money first explore about everything you want to do, what you know to do, and is competitions for this job low. A lot of people fails in the first week of there money making a career, and ask your self what wrong happen.

Some of the fails at the start is that you do this

1. Buying some ebook guru, online paysite where they teach you nothing special everything can be found free.

2. Money makers guru online is like mushroom after rains, all they just want to sell nothing.

3.The site where you need to spam another community forum, social media with your referral link to make some cents, scam site where you give them page rank, no money from that kind of job.

4. Avoid click sites, sites with referrals grabber this kind of job is waste of time.

what to do online / Q&A

What to do online and what is the best method to make some extra cash from online.

If you good at art, photography, writing or you simple good teacher, there is a lot of online sites where you have a chance to help other people with your skill.If you read some of my articles then you will know what kind of sites is.

You can sell your artwork, photography or write the article for people who need fast and unique text for job, web or whatever they do.

Use site this site give you chance to sell own tshirt, mugs, posters with artwork,if you artist or photographer you have some commision from selling, its good you don’t print, just put own art and that’s all, put price and other is in your hand,share it to see other people.

You like to write, or graphic designer, video composition, music maker or you just have the fun thing to show other than is for you. This site is freelance marketing for all people with skills in any kind of job. This site is almost best for own self-promotion.

Still, you don’t know what to do let us say this is the next step.

what to do online

Ok, this is the last step what to do online, if you know to write good text or articles read this simple steps.

Open own website, this day its cheap to have own website. Use WordPress then put your best articles to sell, use Instagram, FB for promotion or fiveer at the start.

If you still don’t know what to do, you don’t read all my article how to start own niche. Use brain makes own brand that people will start know you, its simple step by step.

Read all my START OWN NICHE and you will know everything at the beginning how to make own money income.

what to do online