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Published November 7, 2018
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yaycam retro tutorial

yaycam retro tutorial

Simple vintage retro camera for android, this yaycam apps is one of the awesome and must have an app on the mobile phone. Find why this app is one of the best choices and why its beat all another alternative.

Yaycam|1930 effect

This effect will bring you to the old fashion look at 1930 years.

yaycam|1950 vs polaroid

Simple b&w video and photography style or you can choose polaroid effect that is awesome for street and travel photography.

Yaycam retro tutorial

Its finale 8mm effects are one of the best options on this apps, you will need to buy a full version with a low-cost price.

Avoid any other alternative there are all full of ads or overpriced.

Some of full version review video I record to show what this app gives you, its just easy simple steps. And if you read some of my old articles on this theme you will find a lot of other reviews and picture that is taken by this apps.

Some of the facts before you use it

  • This app is good outdoor or inside photography or video
  • I tested on some dark or night and work great for photography with video sometimes can be glitchy
  • Alternative apps I hope will be soon, but for now, I use only this kind of app its simple, easy and low price

Above is simple video proof of how 8mm look, and sometimes video look likes glitchy but this is my fault of recording.

I hope I help this review of yaycam apps that is one of must-have on the android phone. Its perfect for any time, and any condition.

Yaycam facts

This article is not paid or sponsored by any developer or website to promote one product, this is my own and personal review of Android apps, anything you need to know simple ask, share and like.


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